Interprise Plan

»Virtual Office international consultant resale:
   Resale products, your web site e-commerce, order, commission transfers, etc..

»Bonus indication of direct selling.
   Gain of 7.5% of any plan sold directly to the customer.

»30% discount on products imported by Mr.Link
   You purchase products via the virtual office. Easier to buy imported products.

»Optional of work on the internet.
   Sharing of ads, 100 BCs / week.

»Limit gains popularizer 5200 BCs / year.
   Upon reaching this value gains before the end of the contract annual, will beconverted to category pro leader and the commission will increase from 10% for 20% on the smaller team.

»Optional Pro leader.

  At the beginning of the contract the leader who choose to work only in sales consulting receives 20% commission on the smaller team.
»Maximum daily gains and of transfer.
   Maximum of 20.000 BCs of daily gains and unlimited for transfers between accounts, payment of invoices and bank drafts (only bonus generated in your login).
»Digital Advertising.
   Access and enable the inclusion of products us classified, list of partners, and collective sale on auction Mr.Shop conditioned upon payment of the monthly asset.
»Reseller of packages during the contract period.
   The affiliate that opt for the package named "promoter" should sell a package with the same amount of points your package every 17 weeks to keep the receipt of the
   bonus advertising, in case you not sell, you can buy for yourself .
»Bonus of asset.
   Residual of commission plan of consumption up 15th level, more than 14 million points of commission conditioned upon payment of the monthly asset. Services and personalized support. 150BC's Monthly payment.
»Access the binary network and matrix.
   Training of staff to gain at the direct and commission sales.
»Career plan bonus.
   Prêmio de reconhecimento de vendas, condicionado ao pagamento da taxa mensal de ativos.
»08 X-ray coupon of supplier:
   Checking the company, legality, existence, capacity supply, quality, contract and control of commercial applications.
   08 Coupon import and export between China, Japan, Brazil and the United States.
»Conteaner mix:
   This service will be offered whenever a conteaner leave any country and have space.
   Storage and dispatch of your products to your customers with your company name and our address.
»OEM service:
   Minimum quota for production with your logo.
»Monthly online conferences:
  Importing Japan, China, Brazil and U.S.A.
»Support chat online:
  For completion and support of its imports.
»Contract of resale valid for 1 year:
   Renewal upon payment of the value of your package.