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»Advertising Service

Social networks are quickly becoming the primary means of communication and dissemination of ideas among the users of the internet.
Taking advantage of this niche market to Mr. Link has created its system of ads touting sharing on all social networking products and services offered by the company and its affiliates. So can attack more aggressively the market as a viral marketing and paying commissions through clicks of your service similar to google ads publishers.





»List of Suppliers

Over six years, Mr. Link served in foreign trade by importing from other countries to Japan. Hence the database of reliable suppliers was created, Mr. Link will provide a list of several providers in many sectors, and seek new products and suppliers. With a new system of services we have webtv channel where we will present several factories and quality products.







»Mr. Shop

It is a classifieds portal where our company and all members will offer products at the best prices in the market. Our portal was created with the goal of generating full trust for the buyer. Another great advantage is that all members of the portal are part of the ad banner advertising and products bringing new customers sharing program. The member is also part of the partnership program in the cooperative model getting the best value and managing to offer products priced up to 30% cheaper than in the global market.






»Container Mix

Through the rent and own containers system the company plans to have its channel direct maritime shipping, so share with all members each container lowering transportation costs consequently lowering taxes, since in many countries the customs value is equal to the sum of product more transport. So the mix of container Mr. Link will bring great benefits to our members.









Drop shipping is a technique for managing the logistics chain in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock, presenting the products to their customers through catalog or web page, thus supplementing the purchase order requests and pays the vendor, this will the process of packaging and shipping directly to the customer.





»Conferences Online Training

Conferences online training with professional advisers in foreign trade of various countries.