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About Us

MRLINK IT SOLUTIONS Co. LTD. was born in 2000 in Japan with the name of SKYNET to meet the Japanese market,also meet the Brazilian market in Japan,because Brazilian residents who could not enjoy the Japanese teams due to the language written all in Japanese,Well as we started to commercialize products,export models abroad for the multi-languages, electronic as in general computers and then in 2005 we expanded our business.
With the import and export of products as head carriage, looking for new products to serve the markets, Japanese and Brazilians working the axis of China, Japan and Brazil. 
we present MRLINK IT SOLUTIONS Co.LTD, with the alliance and partnership between Japanese and Brazilians NIKKEYS, with the goal of bringing enterprise solutions and Brazilian entrepreneurs living abroad, Japan and the World



Innovation and Restructuring of Mr. Link IT Solutions.

According to the market trend, in 2014, Mr. Link reestiliza its catalog of products and services targeting the mechanisms of sharing between suppliers, company, employees and affiliates, "trade marketing".
The sales experience gained over the years returned to our new vision. Due the needs of competitive products and pricing, with quality, we started foreign trade.

Management and Automation.

Also with experience in technological expansion, we have developed an automation system to manage all bases, both in bases of sales, inventory and billing. So we have access to real-time logistics information, lowering costs and achieving increased productivity.
Likewise, years in developing websites and knowledge of internet and digital advertising, we created a virtual marketing system.

Base Japan -
Headquarter Mr. Link IT Solutions Co. LTD

Home Activities

Our base in Japan started its activities on the date of May 16 of two thousand and five, with five employees and an initial capital deҰ 3 million yen.


- Services trade (import and export);
- Sales of products, logistics center (financial) global management, direct sales, software development and digital marketing.






Base Brazil
Mr. Link Internacional Trade Soutions .LTDA

To better serve our global customers, and Brazilians residing abroad, or Brazil, Mr. Link Information Technology LTD has allocated an infrastructure in order to provide tool support and Mr. Link services. Support tools and services also for our affiliate partners and extends all the infrastructure for affiliates and customers wishing to export and import with our service Trade Campany.


Home Activities

Our base in Brazil started its activities in August two thousand and six, with eight employees.


- Customized support services for businesses;
- Logistics, call center, training, sales of imported goods and services trade in Brazil